Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Most Humiliating thing about jail says Paris Hilton

Parus Hilton says the worst thing that happened to her in jail was the strip search.
But Paris has done worse on her sex tape. Paris Hillton was subject to a strip search but she was treated the same as all the other inmates. So she was shocked because she was treated the same as ordinary people.
Now that Parris has seen how regular people are treated, she wants to open a transitional home for people who were in jail.
So maybe Parus will slow down her partying a little but I don't think she was in jail long enough to turn over a new leaf.

Is Paris an Addict?

Is Parus Hilton a drug addict or heavy drinker?
She says no and I tend to believe her.
I believe Paris Hilten is basically just a rich partier.
Parris says she makes her own money and that she sees herself as a business women.
I believe her. Parus gets paid 25k plus to go to parties.
Nothing see said on Larrie Kings show is going to change anything.
Most people don't believe that Parris is a changed women.
How could a short stay in a county jail change Paris Hillton?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris Hillton Released From Jail

Paris Hillton released from jail June 27th, 2007 by insideenews Paris Hilton was released from jail yesterday promising to help her fellow inmates by starting a halfway house. She seemed repentant but only time will tell if see really changes. Paris will now need to work on her image although I think her jail stay will help her image in the long run.

Welcome to E News Now

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